Which beach to go in Phuket?

It’s freezing outside in London today.  I almost forgot I had a 2-weeks sunny warm holiday in Thailand a few weeks ago.  I have not been to many places though I like the idea of traveling.  Phuket is one of my travel destinations on my list.  I went to Phuket in January 2017 and spent 10 days there.  I did some research before I went there and not many came up to decide where to spend time on Phuket island.  So I thought I would share mine when I got back and hope it is useful for someone.

My boyfriend and I are not the fans of crowded places so we always find a place where it is neither too quiet nor crowded.  I admit it is quite a challenging process to decide where to go.  Before flying to Thailand, we chose Panwa beach at our first stop in Phuket and booked a room for 4 nights.  The beach was very quiet, small and located at the south east of the island.  We had to go through a big beach front hotel to go to the beach.  It was a little rocky and quite small.  There were a few restaurants around and everything was within walking distance.  To be honest, the beach is too quiet and boring for us to stay more than 4 nights we booked in advance.  We scootered around other parts of Phuket on the second day.  We went to Phuket town, Patong, Karon, Kata and Rawai beaches.  We found Karon beach beautiful and relaxing.  We moved to Karon beach after 4 nights in Panwa.  The beach was big, beautiful and there were many restaurants around.  We stayed in a small guesthouse called Karon guesthouse and the lady there was very friendly, helpful and professional.

In Thailand, it is hard looking for a breakfast place where it serves good coffee and toasts.  Luckily in Karon, we found a good place called Karon café.  They have breakfast buffet and it was 199 baht.  Staff were very friendly and food were really good.  We went there for breakfast every day.  The massage place beside the café was good too.   There were a few bands played in some bars in the evening so I can assure you that Karon night life is not boring.  There was a night market on some days and they sell food and clothing.  It was nice walking around after dinner.

Another thing I want to share is transportation from/to Phuket airport. We took the yellow airport bus from the airport to Phuket town.  It was 100 baht and the bus can be found at the airport exit.  We asked at the information counter at the airport where exactly to find the bus.  We meant to take the bus all the way to Phuket town but we wrongly got off in the mid way so had to take taxi from there to Panwa beach and it costed us another 500 baht.  On our way back, we asked around what options we have.  There are 4 options from Karon to Airport.  1) is fixed priced taxi or tok tok which costs 1,000-1,200 baht, 2) is meter taxi which is so hard to find and might cost around 600 baht, 3) mini bus which can be arranged by the hotel or tour companies which you can find on the street and it costs around 250 – 300 baht, 4) take the blue bus to Phuket town which costs 40 -45 baht and then take the yellow airport bus from Phuket town to the airport which costs 100 baht.  We chose the mini bus option because the price was affordable and we were conveniently picked up from the hotel at pre-arranged time.

To summarise about my Phuket experience, Karon is for middle-aged people who do not like party atmosphere but like to have the accessibility of things like restaurants, massage places and 7 Eleven shops at every 200 yards.  Patong is very big and crowded with shops and people.  Kata is small, roads are narrow with traffics in town and the beach area was literally packed with people.  Rawai had full of fresh seafood market stalls and restaurants which are happy to cook your freshly bought seafood.

We enjoyed the sunshine, blue sky, clean water, soft sand, beautiful sunset, warmth, food and massage during our stay in Phuket.  I hope you would too.  Happy holidays!


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